CEREC Primescan

While intraoral cameras allow us to capture images of your mouth, our CEREC Primescan goes above and beyond that. The CEREC Primescan may look like another camera, but it is actually used to create a detailed 3D scan of your mouth!

What is the CEREC Primescan?

The CEREC Primescan will make physical impressions a thing of the past. The days of dealing with a tray of paste are over. The Primescan is a digital scanner that creates computer generated 3D images of your mouth.

All we have to do is move the small pen-like device around your mouth and what we scan will begin to appear as a 3D model on our advance touch screen. Along with scanning your natural teeth and gums, it can also scan implants, bridges, and crowns!

The Primescan is commonly used to create crowns, veneers, and other restorations at high accuracy. It can also help us diagnose cavities, tooth decay, cracks in your teeth, and more.

What are the Benefits of Using the CEREC Primescan?

The CEREC Primescan is another way dentistry is moving into the future with advanced technology. As technology advances, so does the quality of your care. Here are some benefits of using the CEREC Primescan:

  • It’s fast
  • Replaces physical impressions
  • More accurate tooth restorations
  • No gag reflex

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Ready to See the CEREC Primescan in Action?

The CEREC Primescan is one of many pieces of advanced technology we use at Watsonville Dental Wellness Center to make sure your treatments are accurate – and lead to comfortable results. If you’re interested in using the Primescan rather than dealing with traditional impressions during your next visit to the dentist, contact us to schedule an appointment.