Intraoral Cameras

At Watsonville Dental Wellness Center, we strive to use the latest technology so that you can ultimately have a better experience when you come to see us.

That’s why we use an intraoral camera, because when our job is easier, it translates to your visit being a more comfortable one. Our cameras are able to get up-close looks at places we wouldn’t have dreamed of being able to capture in the past.

What is an Intraoral Camera?

Simply put, an intraoral camera is a pen-like tool that allows us to capture and display pictures from inside your mouth. This isn’t just a normal camera though. Its lights and high-resolution make it perfect for capturing dark and hard to reach places.

Once the pictures are taken, we can display them on one of our monitors. So, not only will we be able to get a detailed look at your mouth – you will as well. It’s important that you’re able to see what we’re treating and be able to completely understand what needs to be done for your procedure.

Benefits of Using an Intraoral Camera

Using the latest technology is always an important step in being able to treat our patients in the most comfortable and efficient way possible. Here are some benefits of using an intraoral camera during your next visit.

  • You can see what we see
  • We will be able to get a clearer look at hard to see places in your mouth
  • We may be able to discover something we wouldn’t have seen before
  • You’ll be able to think of more questions to ask

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If you want to go to a dentist that allows you to see an up-close look at your oral health, Watsonville Dental Wellness Center will use an intraoral camera so that you can see what we see. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!