Digital X-Rays

We are always adapting at Watsonville Dental Wellness Center and that means doing away with traditional X-rays and bringing in the amazing technology of digital X-rays.

We want you to be able to get the best treatment possible when you come to see us. X-rays help identify many different types of problems we would be unable to see with the naked eye, making them extremely important to maintaining good oral health.

What are Digital X-Rays?

Much like how traditional film cameras have evolved into digital over the years, the same has happened with X-rays. Digital X-rays are able to produce high-quality images with amazing detail, so we will be able to see exactly what needs to be done with your oral health.

What Makes Digital X-Rays Better Than Traditional Film X-Rays?

Traditional film X-rays have become outdated since the introduction of digital ones. Here are some advantages the digital X-rays have over film:

  • No use of chemicals to produce the images
  • The image is clearer
  • The process of seeing the image is faster
  • Much less radiation
  • Images can easily be shared
  • 256 shades of gray compared to 16-25 for traditional

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Looking for a Dentist with the Latest Technology?

If you’re looking for a dentist who uses the latest technology during treatment, Watsonville Dental Wellness Center strives for excellence. With our digital X-rays, we’ll be able to see more extremely detailed views of your mouth that with traditional X-rays. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.