SureSmile in Watsonville

Are you suffering from misshapen or misaligned teeth but are wary about how long orthodontic treatment tends to take? Well, you’ll be happy to know that advancements in dental technology have made the SureSmile treatment possible. This revolutionary orthodontic alternative substantially cuts down on treatment time and we have it here at Watsonville Dental Wellness Center!


What is SureSmile?

SureSmile is an innovative orthodontic treatment powered by cutting-edge technology. We use a computerized 3-D scan of your mouth to create a precise image and treatment plan. Then, using a robot, we form the wires to use in your braces, ensuring greater accuracy and more effective treatment.

Why is SureSmile Effective?

This treatment option allows dentists to use specialized software that can accurately map out the position of your teeth. When the scan is completed, the software then creates a precise, step-by-step treatment plan specifically suited for your teeth positions. This approach has allowed dentists to cut down orthodontic treatment times by as much as 34%.

What are the Benefits of SureSmile?

Dentistry is changing and new technology like SureSmile allows us to avoid the pitfalls of traditional treatment options. When you choose SureSmile, you can look forward to:

  • Faster treatment time
  • More accurate results
  • A program specifically designed for your teeth
  • The confidence and high self-esteem that comes with a straight smile

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Are You Looking for Fast Orthodontic Treatment with SureSmile in Watsonville, CA?

At Watsonville Dental Wellness Center, we can ensure the most accurate and effective orthodontic treatment with our access to SureSmile. If you want straighter teeth and don’t want to endure a long treatment process, call our office today!