Teeth Whitening in Watsonville

Professional teeth whitening is a safe, efficient, and non-invasive dental treatment that can change the color of your natural teeth. It’s one of the easiest ways to enhance the beauty of your smile!

What is Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Because having whiter teeth has now become the number one aesthetic concern of most patients, there are a number of ways to whiten teeth, both in-office and from the comfort of your home.

One popular method is using an at-home teeth whitening system – provided by a dentist – that can whiten your teeth dramatically. This is because the whitening agents works to break down the proteins in tooth enamel that cause discoloration, lifting surface-level stains.

Unfortunately, the whitening process may not be as effective in removing intrinsic discoloration (more internal). This type of discoloration can be caused by certain medications and medical conditions, as well as tooth trauma.

Since teeth whitening only works on natural tooth enamel, it’s important to have a professional dentist evaluate replacement of any old fillings, crowns, and other dental work. Replacement of any restorations will be done after bleaching so they will match the newly bleached teeth.

Teeth whitening isn’t a permanent treatment. A touch-up maybe needed every few years or so, and more often if you smoke, drink coffee, tea, or wine.

Reasons for Teeth Whitening

  • Fluorosis (excessive fluoride exposure during tooth development)
  • Normal wear of outer tooth layer
  • Stained teeth from certain medications
  • Yellow, brown stained teeth

What Does Teeth Whitening Treatment Involve?

An in-office teeth whitening is the most dependable option for treatment because a dentist will be able to achieve your desired shade that still looks natural. It also saves you from having to use a bleaching agent yourself.

Teeth whitening typically requires two visits. At the first appointment, impressions (molds) will be made of your teeth to create custom plastic trays that will fit over your teeth. At your second appointment, you will try on the trays for proper fit, and the dentist will make any adjustments if necessary.

You wear the trays with special whitening solution, either twice a day for 30 minutes or overnight for a couple of weeks. This depends on the degree of staining and desired level of whitening.

Lastly, note that It’s normal to experience tooth sensitivity while you’re whitening your teeth, but it should subside shortly after you have stopped bleaching. We’ll also provide you with care instructions for your teeth and trays.

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Want to Brighten Your Smile with Teeth Whitening Treatment?

After a teeth whitening treatment, we encourage you to visit your dentist regularly to help maintain a beautiful, white smile! If you’re interested in a professional teeth whitening, contact us today to make an appointment.