Technology is extremely important for giving you the dental care you deserve. Dental technology has advanced rapidly, and in recent years we have started working with technology we could have never dreamed of being able to utilize.

We want our patients to leave our office with an amazing, comfortable smile. Between our skill and the technology we have access to at the Watsonville Dental Wellness Center, you’ll have a reason to smile.

Our Technology

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CEREC Primescan

The CEREC Primescan is an advanced digital scanner that replaces the traditional impression. A small pen-like device is moved around your mouth and the computer-generated scan will appear on our touch screen. It’s fast, accurate, and you won’t have to worry about your gag reflex. Learn more…

CEREC Primemill

The CEREC Primemill is a milling machine that crafts tooth restorations in just minutes, allowing us to place them on the same day. Its extra-fine tool makes the restorations highly-detailed and amazingly smooth – just like your natural teeth. Learn more…

CBCT Imaging

Many people don’t realize that dentistry is a field that encompasses many different specialties. It’s not uncommon for patients to go in for a visit only to find out that they need to be referred elsewhere for their particular problem. The benefit of having a general dentist is knowing that all your dental health treatments can be completed in one convenient location. Learn more…

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays replace the traditional film X-rays that have been used for years. These high-quality X-rays present a clearer image and are easily shared. Plus, they don’t need chemicals to produce the images, and they emit far less radiation. Learn more…

Intraoral Cameras

We use intraoral cameras to capture and display images from inside your mouth. Due to its design, we’re able to capture the darkest and hardest to reach areas as an amazingly clear image. We will be able to use these images to better understand how to move forward with treatment, and you will also be able to view them and learn what exactly we’ll be doing. Learn more…

Modern Technology and Modern Dentistry

When you visit us, you’ll be visiting a dentistry that always puts their patients first, and that means doing our best to acquire the best technology available to make your visit a comfortable one. f you’re interested in receiving the best care with Watsonville Dental Wellness Center, contact us to schedule an appointment.